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Digital Photography Painting


MIRROR MIRROR: a juried exhibitions of self-portraits
Surrey Art Gallery
August 18 to November 12, 2012
Opening reception September 15

ARTS 2012
Surrey Art Gallery
Surrey, BC
June to August 2012

Internet Art Installation

Navigating the Body
(Canada Council Grant 1999)
Navigating the Body continues to be discussed and written about in both medical and art based journals.


  • Y2Gay Online Exhibition
    La Centrale Gallery
  • Digital Identity
    Surrey Art Gallery
    Surrey, BC
  • Amour-horreur Exhibition
    Studio XX

Video Art

Available through Vivo Media Arts Centre

  • Inside a Crack     3 min.     1990
  • A Subject in Progress     4 min.     1990
  • Childhood Ghosts 5 min.     1991
  • Passing 38 min.   1992
  • Despite the Endlessness     10 min.   1992
  • Jaws     8 min      1992
  • Wohosheni     7 min.     1992
  • Living with Elephants     17 min.   1993
  • The Broken Night     5 min.     1993
  • Coming out of the Closet     5 min.     1995


Video Out International Distribution (VIVO)
Vancouver, B.C.


Centre Audiovisuel Simone De Beauvoir
Paris, France

V Tape
Toronto, Ontario


Video Rampage (1995)
Vancouver, BC

McIntosh Gallery (University of Western Ontario)(1994)
London, Ontario

Rendezvous With Madness (1994)
Toronto, Ontario

Quand Les Lesbiennes Se Font Du Cinema 6 (1994)
Montreal, Quebec

Videographe – La Troisiene Fenetre (1994)
Montreal, Quebec

Videofest (1994)

IFVA Mediatheque (1994)
Toronto, Ontario

London Gay & Lesbian Festival (1994)
London, England

Safe/Mediagalleria (1993)

New Festival (1993)
New York, NY

Revisions: Women’s Film & Video Festival (1993)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Video Art in Quebec and Canada,
India, England, Russia, Mexico (1993)

Time Codes: Feminist Video (1993)
Vancouver, BC

Plug In Inc. Queer Nation (1993)
Vancouver, BC

Cinema Village (1993)
New York, NY

Women’s Caucus for Art – National Conference (1993)
Seattle, Washington

Issues in Lesbian Representation and Spectatorship (1993)
Vancouver, BC

Women in View Festival: Re-Presenting Women (1993)
Vancouver, BC

Chicago Lesbian ans Gay Film Festival (1992)
Chicago, IL

Women In View: Poets Against Violence (1992)
Vancouver, BC

Le Festival 92 Du Centre Audiovisuel Simone De Beauvoir (1992)
Paris, France

In Sight Womens Film and Video Festival
Edmonton, Alta

International Images Festival (1992)
Peterborough, Ontario

Image and Nation Festival (1992)
Montreal, Quebec

Videos Du Femmes Dan Le Parc (1992)
Montreal, Quebec

Cultirama: Video Vandaloo (1992)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gay and Lesbian Festival (1992)
Vancouver, BC

International Festival of Arts (1992)

Feminine Abjection: Motion Without An End (1991)
Vancouver, BC