Navigating the Body

A visibility project and art installation about women living in chronic pain (originally created in 1999)


Navigating The Body

Navigating the Body began as a project approximately five years ago. My objective was to use art to translate personal narratives into a visual representation that would validate the experiences of others who live in pain.

It has ben a long process of meetings, collecting images and working with women who, by sheer determination, worked not beyond their pain but from within their pain during long hours of shooting sessions.

Initially, Navigating the Body was going to be a video but then I discovered the internet and realized that this project needed to go beyond the parameters of video festivals. The internet presents the possibility of creating work that people can comment on, participate in and feel part of.

The most amazing result of this project for me has been the incredible response I have had from people around the world. Their own stories of pain create a circle of validation.